How to use

Basics provides a comprehensive, day-by-day resource for important events planed for today, tomorrow, and the next 1,200 days.

The focus is on events that are newsworthy (in the United States), that are very likely to occur on a single date, and web presence. Like many similar sites, contains definite events — public and religious holidays, announced conferences, elections.

But also contains the predicted dates of corporate dividends and other announcements that are not typically announced in advance.

Of course, dates are subject to change or cancellation, even at the last minute, due to weather, disasters, unexpected conflicts, last-minute decisions, and so on. Follow the Tmorra links for the latest, updated details.


Use the search box to find a list of links to future items that are relevant to the text you enter. For example you can search for "Easter" or "Obama" or "Cleveland".

Select Pick A Day to the calendar picker, to see a list of all items for one specific day.

Use the Find By... menus for more specific searches.

Date Quality

Dates that are certain, official, or announced are marked with , , or . But you can also see predicted dates of items not yet announced (marked with , , or ).


Tmorra items for that day appear in five groups:

  •  Federal, state and local governments, elections, politics
  •  Life in the United States - holidays, festivals, meetings
  •  Sports, professional and amateur, worldwide
  •  Business and financial markets
  •  International events, events in other countries