Wednesday, January 3, 2018 (29 events)

logo  Highlight: Fort Worth: Coldest day of the year (on average): average low is 35° F.
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       — Government and politics
Massachusetts General Court session begins.Boston MA state legislatures
Missouri General Assembly session begins.Jefferson City MO state legislatures
New York State Assembly session begins.Albany NY state legislatures
In Albany, New York's governor Andrew Cuomo delivers the state of the state address.Albany NY speeches
US House of Representatives holds first day of second session.US Capitol DC meetings
In Frankfort, Kentucky's governor Matt Bevin delivers the State of the Commonwealth budget address.Frankfort KY speeches
Maine State Legislature session begins.Augusta ME state legislatures
Nebraska Unicameral Legislature session begins.Lincoln NE state legislatures
Vermont General Assembly session begins.Montpelier VT state legislatures
In US Capitol, first day of US Senate second session.US Capitol DC ---
New Hampshire General Court session begins.Concord NH state legislatures
In Sacramento, first day of California State Assembly reconvenes.Sacramento CA ---
       — Life in the United States
Fox: season premiere of The X-Files television series.United States television
Fort Worth: Coldest day of the year (on average): average low is 35° F.Fort Worth TX winter
SSA pays monthly benefits.United States payments
Philanthropist and businessman Gordon Moore is 89.Santa Clara CA birthday
Actor and director Mel Gibson is 62.California birthday
March of Dimes Foundation: President Franklin D Roosevelt authorization (1938), 80th anniversary.United States history
       — Sports
Quarterback Eli Manning is 38.New Jersey birthday
       — Economy, business, and markets
Federal Reserve publishes FOMC Minutes.Washington DC publication
ISM releases their monthly ISM ROB National manufacturing index.Tempe AZ industry statistics
The Tokyo Stock Exchange is closed, for the special holiday.Tokyo holidays
Census Bureau releases their monthly Construction put in place statistics.Suitland MD industry statistics
General Motors releases auto sales and production data.Detroit MI statistics
       — International
Russia observes extraordinary bank holiday, a national holiday.Russia holidays
European Union's deadline for MIFID II compliance. Europe deadlines
Tolkien Society notes the 126th anniversary of the birth of J R R Tolkien.United Kingdom birthday
Jordanians mark the 2015 murder of Air Force pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh, 3 years ago.Syria death
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