About Tmorra.com

Tmorra.com provides a searchable database of future events, with links to relevant websites. Tmorra.com differs from other Web calendar sites in innovative ways:

  • How future events are identified
  • Which events are included
  • The time horizon
  • Forecasts of dates not yet announced.
  • Ratings on news and life impact

Tmorra.com includes events that are likely to make news: elections, awards, government statistics releases, corporate earnings, and deadlines. In addition, Tmorra.com includes events that affect (Americans') daily life, ranging from religious observances, to SAT test days, to major sports events.

Viewed and analyzed together, these provide a partial preview of each day in the future — the news of the day and what many people in certain places are doing that day.

You can search the from today through March 7, 2021, or 1200 future days. Most Web calendars show events only for next few weeks or months.

Extend your planning horizon.

Dates for some events, such as elections and religious holidays, are determined long in advance by law or tradition.

But few organizations announce future dates for 3 years ahead. To compute future dates, Tmorra.com processes a database of thousands of past and announced dates (harvested from the organization's website, Wikipedia, the SEC and elsewhere) to derive patterns and constraints for future dates. Tmorra-computed dates are marked with , , or .

The goal is 98% accuracy for events marked with , and 90% accuracy for dates marked with . Results are not yet available.

For the same reason that newspapers have a business section, a sports section, and so on — reader‘s interests are broad, and the events are interrelated. Holidays affect travel which affects airline sales. The NFL Superbowl TV audience consumes popcorn, pizza, and beer.

When Japan celebrates the week-long Golden Week holiday each May, the New York Stock Exchange's trading volume suffers. Government actions and corporate events are scheduled around "life" events ranging from Good Friday to college graduations. The Labor department's monthly Employment Situation data affects interest rates. Months with fewer Saturdays mean lower retail sales.

The biggest events — the ones that affect or involve the most Americans' lives, and the most newsworthy events, as covered in www.nytimes,com, www.washingtonpost.com, or news.google.com.

In general, institutions and individuals strive to schedule events that diminish uncertainty and advance or promote their own causes: elections, announcements, prizes, performances, and dividends.

Crime, hurricanes, and other unscheduled events typically raise uncertainty about subsequent events. Both types can produce surprises. Of course, Tmorra.com covers only events that have predictable schedules. On some days, scheduled events become 50% of the news; on other days only about 10%.

No. Tmorra.com shows who, when and where, but not what or why. Experts and gamblers may claim to know who will win the Kentucky Derby, what Coca-Cola will earn, and the price of a barrel of West Texas oil when OPEC meets next.

If you search for a specific day, Google's search engine must deal with multiple obstacles. For one thing, each day has multiple representations — even in English — including "May 8, 2018", 2018-05-08 and both 5/8/18 (in the US) and 8/5/18 (in Europe).

Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Web sites host organizational calendars that are mostly empty, especially for days after the current year. Many of these sites have a web page for each date, so Google finds these empty dates. Empty days, or days with local library hours, school schedules, and local church or civic meetings are predominant.

So while events with news or life impact may appear somewhere among the thousands of search results, Google doesn't use that information in ranking date search results.

September 11th, July 4th and November 11th are anniversaries, but every year these days are also "events" that affect Americans' affairs and behavior, even if the holiday observance of Independence day or Veterans Day falls on a different day.

For people with certain backgrounds or beliefs, January 22 (Roe v. Wade decision), March 18 (US invasion of Iraq), or August 29 (Hurricane Katrina) are important. Anniversaries often are the occasion of celebrations, protests, or memorial events.

Tmorra.com has no information about your interests, location, age, or life. In a future Tmorra.com version, you may be able to select and save a profile that lets Tmorra.com find and show only the events that will impact you.

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